Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Winter warmers

The unfeasibly tall, good looking man (who went to see the Rugby in Paris last weekend) was at the station this morning. He was wearing a very amusing knitted head warming kind of arrangement (pretty patterns etc). It covered his whole head with little flaps coming down over his ears. He was also wearing a jumper under his suit. But no overcoat even though it was 0 Degrees on the platform this morning.

The thing is, he actually carries it off. He just looks cool. I don't know how he does it but I do know that if I tried it, my dear wife would collapse in howls of laughter (such is her way of giving me feedback).

As an aside, you may be interested to hear that some member of our little community decided to share all their germs with us by sneezing very loudly and lavishly in the hermitically sealed carriage. They must be punished. With Sudafed. Does he not know that any display of spontaneity is strictly forbidden by the Commuters Code of Etiquette, Chapter 3, Sub-Section 7, Para 4 "Any spontaneous activity, whether voluntary or involuntary is strictly forbidden and individuals should first consider an unpleasant death before disturbing their fellow commuters (who will studiously ignore the plight of the individual concerned even if they are lying on the floor whimpering "help me").

Beautiful dawn this morning (isn't that a song?). Wished a had the presence of mind to capture it on my camera.


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