Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Those of you who have read this blog for a while may remember TeaMan from the earlier days. He's the one that drinks lemon and ginger tea and was slightly disappointed with me for having milk in my earl grey.

Anyway, I saw him yesterday and related the story of the lost thermos flask (I left it on the train a few weeks ago. I often think of it languishing in some lost property cupboard in Paddington all on it's own in the dark....Alternatively, a train manager may have given it a good home and even now it may be travelling the UK's rail network giving faithful service to another tea lover.....)

Anyway, TeaMan was very sympathetic but did point out in a somewheremercenary manner that another flask can be purchased very cheaply at a number of outlets. So I now (thanks to my long suffering wife) have another flask and I am once again enjoying Earl grey on the way to work.

The balance of the cosmos is restored. Crisis over.



Andy said...

Knowing your penchant for all things Jack Bauer I suggest taking precautionary measures and installing GPS chip in it....very 'CTU'...

You can find some good ones at


Neil Bennetts said...

earl gray?

you wooss

not as bad a Gate though.

He orders EG in starbucks.

It's so embarrassing.