Saturday, 22 March 2008

Chatted up on the train

I was on a very full train the other day and a couple of older ladies started having a chat with me.

They even hinted at sitting on my lap for the journey.... actually they didn't hint. They just asked.

I suggested that Mrs TF might not be so enamoured with the suggestion.. As they got off the train a few stops later, one of them tapped me on the shoulder and said "she's a very lucky girl"..

Of course she is..


Give them a chance

A very recent commenter on this blog has suggested that I "give the new chap at the top" a chance before I lay into FGW anymore.

So I am going to try and be nice... In the last 3 weeks, I have had only one problem with FGW - a cancelled train.. Other than that, the trains have been on time - even early on occasion. I have been genuinely impressed.

Well done all those people who have worked on the trains, platforms and signals for making the system work. Even with hurricanes, floods etc they've been fine.

In fact my only disappointment was with one of the travelling chefs (kebab van on a train basically.. and that's no bad thing...) refused to make me a bacon and egg baguette because it's not on the menu... even though if I ordered the full breakfast works (including sausage, egg, mushrooms, bacon etc) I would clearly be able to have egg....

The customer host apologised to me... the chef just "didn't want to do it".....


Friday, 14 March 2008

£1bn lost on train 800,000 delays

This story was interesting - going in a similar direction to that which I did when writing about the number of suicides on the line between Paddington and Reading.

There is one startling quotation one MP (I'm saddened to say it was a Tory). She said the disruption was "Too much misery for passengers".

I'm inclined to agree but, pray tell, how much misery is "too much"? Surely any misery is unacceptable. Apparantly in the eyes of MPs, no. Some misery must be acceptable.

That's probably what was in "Gordon Darling's" mind when he gave the budget speech........ Anyway, it doesn't affect MPs badly - poor little things.... only 10k to spend on a kitchen... poor lamb....


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Getting away with it

I have been very pleased to get away without paying for my parking for a couple of days. It's not intentional. I just have forgotten - I haven't renewed my monthly ticket.

I think it's just good luck that I haven't had a ticket. I did feel very sorry for Train Totty (Visaman's idea, not mine) - she had been a bit blond and scatty and forgotten a lot and had 3 different fines to pay. Poor thing.

Part of me feels quite good that FGW have missed out on a few quid from me. Ha.

Yes, I am that petty.


Sunday, 9 March 2008

Last week

A note of commendation for our friends at FGW.

I caught the train 10 times last week and it was on time, every time. Speachless.

Well done.

Hope the forecast storm doesn't foul it all up for us on Monday....


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Coffee Shop

This week a new coffee shop has materialised at Kingham. It is a small caravan with the most enourmouse flag over it.
One of my fellow passengers commented that he'd rather give this chap his money than FGW. I thought about this for a while and realised that the sharks at FGW are probably charging this guy rent for parking his van there - so it's a lose lose situation.
I think it's a great idea to provide facilties for people - I actually take a flask of tea from home so it doesn't affect me. Nor do they sell the Telegraph or FT.
I therefore feel free to have a list of objections which are entirely unreasonable and selfish:
  • It makes the place look like a gypsy encampment

  • The generator is noisy and ruins the peace and quiet of the station

  • The flag is ridiculous

  • The caravan should at least be made to blend in with the cotswold scene.

I could go on for ever but instead I have included a photo so that you may judge for yourselves.


Stupid woman

Was forced to listen to some stupid, politically correct, "right on" up her own backside woman on the train the other day.

She started talking about Prince Harry and the fact that (she says) he treats being in the army as an extention of public school. She said he was talking about what a good time he had and that he was no where near the action of war in Afganistan.

What nonsense and she clearly had no idea of what she was talking about.

1) If you are calling airstrikes (as Harry has been) you are right in the middle of the action scouting the targets for the planes. People tend to shoot at you when you do that.

2) People in front line military units tend to form quite close relationships with each other. This is because they literally have each other's lives in their hands... That's what Harry was referring to when he talked about having good mates around him.

This woman was clearly from the clueless, loony left who have no understanding of the real world but live in politically correct eutopia.



Sunday, 2 March 2008

When a train is late

Firstly, found a nice little story about FGW on someone else's blog. Read it here:

I've had an idea about the 7.18 from Kingham. Now bear with me on this - it's quite selfish of me but I think it could benefit a great number of people.
What about making the train 15 mins earlier? This wouldn't really change the time I have to get out of bed at. It would theoretically mean that I could be in my office in Reading by 8.30 every day. It would also give the Paddington people a chance of getting to work at a decent hour....

But here's the thing... The train is meant to get us to Reading for 8.20-somthing.. But it NEVER EVER does. I'm lucky if I get in for 8.40.

I approached a travelling chef the other day - he was clean, well presented and actually seemed to have an interest in cooking - although he had no sausages available for the "Breakfast Baguette" - In my opinion, this leaves out a very important part of breakfast. Sausages are a must.

Here's a picture of what he produced-it was very nice.