Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Getting away with it

I have been very pleased to get away without paying for my parking for a couple of days. It's not intentional. I just have forgotten - I haven't renewed my monthly ticket.

I think it's just good luck that I haven't had a ticket. I did feel very sorry for Train Totty (Visaman's idea, not mine) - she had been a bit blond and scatty and forgotten a lot and had 3 different fines to pay. Poor thing.

Part of me feels quite good that FGW have missed out on a few quid from me. Ha.

Yes, I am that petty.



Anonymous said...

Might not be a bright idea to let them know about it, they do read these blogs, so I suspect a swoop on Kingham is imminent.

Anonymous said...


Not the brightest of ideas, is it!!!

You should realise these people provide a service for you and need every penny they can get to 'breakeven', although I think you are saying you have in this instance.