Friday, 14 March 2008

£1bn lost on train 800,000 delays

This story was interesting - going in a similar direction to that which I did when writing about the number of suicides on the line between Paddington and Reading.

There is one startling quotation one MP (I'm saddened to say it was a Tory). She said the disruption was "Too much misery for passengers".

I'm inclined to agree but, pray tell, how much misery is "too much"? Surely any misery is unacceptable. Apparantly in the eyes of MPs, no. Some misery must be acceptable.

That's probably what was in "Gordon Darling's" mind when he gave the budget speech........ Anyway, it doesn't affect MPs badly - poor little things.... only 10k to spend on a kitchen... poor lamb....



Anonymous said...


It is clear that you hold MPs and FGW in comtempt.

When are you starting the revolution?

Major Clanger said...

They should use Tory MP's as brake pads on the trains.