Saturday, 22 March 2008

Give them a chance

A very recent commenter on this blog has suggested that I "give the new chap at the top" a chance before I lay into FGW anymore.

So I am going to try and be nice... In the last 3 weeks, I have had only one problem with FGW - a cancelled train.. Other than that, the trains have been on time - even early on occasion. I have been genuinely impressed.

Well done all those people who have worked on the trains, platforms and signals for making the system work. Even with hurricanes, floods etc they've been fine.

In fact my only disappointment was with one of the travelling chefs (kebab van on a train basically.. and that's no bad thing...) refused to make me a bacon and egg baguette because it's not on the menu... even though if I ordered the full breakfast works (including sausage, egg, mushrooms, bacon etc) I would clearly be able to have egg....

The customer host apologised to me... the chef just "didn't want to do it".....


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