Tuesday, 27 January 2009


FAO: Trainman

Delighted to hear your Bicester journey is going so well. I have to say, the M4 has been relatively easy and it gives me a lot of flexibility. Famous last words I guess.

Interesting to see how Beeching's cuts are being undone - the Cotswold Line and the back on the agenda doubling of the line through Kemble.

Best to avoid blogging at the wheel as Plod doesn't look kindly on it. Unless I could dictate to the internet and then I'd be a blogging nightmare!!

All the best


Monday, 19 January 2009

The M4-fellow

I'm giving some serious thought to changing this blog rather a lot...

I've been very silent for quite a while - partly due to a severe case of the "I can't be bothereds" and the fact that I've deserted Worst Great Western and have started driving.

This is down to cost and flexibility. I want to get home on my terms, not FGW's. That and the price increase to the trains has made me use the car. I actually save money!! £3 a day!

So the options that remain are:

1. Do a blog about driving... (things I've seen such as bad driving, police convoys, white van stories or waiting for the Park and Ride bus).

2. A really pedantic blog about how people mis-spell things or use incorrect punctuation. Especially on professional signs. I hear that someone else already does this so maybe there's another option yet to be identified.

Thoughts please.