Monday, 19 January 2009

The M4-fellow

I'm giving some serious thought to changing this blog rather a lot...

I've been very silent for quite a while - partly due to a severe case of the "I can't be bothereds" and the fact that I've deserted Worst Great Western and have started driving.

This is down to cost and flexibility. I want to get home on my terms, not FGW's. That and the price increase to the trains has made me use the car. I actually save money!! £3 a day!

So the options that remain are:

1. Do a blog about driving... (things I've seen such as bad driving, police convoys, white van stories or waiting for the Park and Ride bus).

2. A really pedantic blog about how people mis-spell things or use incorrect punctuation. Especially on professional signs. I hear that someone else already does this so maybe there's another option yet to be identified.

Thoughts please.


Anonymous said...

a political blog...should give months of laughs...

Anonymous said...

Dear Trainfellow

It is indeed sad to hear that LWW has forced you off of the line (staggering price increase and cant be bothered to run trains on time - or sometimes not at all).

I would say that continuous driving does eventually create a strain, but the Cotswold Line in itself does that anyway.

I think you are right in the circumstances to at least have an alternative up your sleeve bearing in mind the forthcoming 6 weeks closure (mid july to end of August 09) for doubling the tracks etc.

Knowing this lot (LWW)the down side will inevitably be further cost increases needed to help fund the unravelling of Beeching's 1960's folly.

Now the M4 - dangerous place - I would rather you were concentrating on driving, than thinking about blogs, whilst on it.

Good luck Train Man

I am still using the Chiltern line from Banbury and Bicester - best move I ever did make; it beats LWW (last worst western), hands down. Besides travelling up to London, Banbury is great for accessing Merseyside, the Midlands and the North, during my auditing jaunts

Train Man