Friday, 19 December 2008

Cold comfort

The new timetable is working well then.... 1st day and my train was cancelled. More embarassing was the fact that I had my most reverend and excellent friend Hitch (see blog) with me. I was hoping to introduce him to the high speed life I live when commuting.

It was not to be. The exciting, new, 7.15am train just didn't happen and it took the best part of 3 hours to complete the journey to work. Fortunately Hitch and I had a lot to catch up on so we didn't mind the slow trains as much as we might have.

It does seem to me that the change to the timetable just seems to confuse the whole network and we all have a bad day as a result.... So may I suggest something?

On the first day of a new timetable, work from home or take the car.... if you can....


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