Thursday, 27 November 2008

I can't be bothered

I confess that, in recent weeks I have not been bothered to write on this here blog.

I must note that we've had some exciting new announcements on my little journey to work - "in this festive season, please do keep a look out for any suspicious items OR PEOPLE and report them to a member of staff or a police officer".

Yes, how festive.

Yes, officer, that man over there. The one who looks like he isn't from round here....

That's gonna work.

Grumpy TTF.


Andy said...

Look out for strange men with red clothes and white beards talking to small children...

Anonymous said...

Hello Trainfellow

This is Train Man calling and I am disappointed to see that you are slightly down at the moment.

Just thought I ought to try and cheer you up madmidst this financial doom and gloom.

Just spotted in the Cotswold Journal this morning (front page scoop) that the Cotswold line is to close down, YES CLOSE DOWN for 6 weeks next summer, so that twin tracking can be installed - watch out for replacement and realignment of signal cabling Jan-Mar 09. I know it will be 6 weeks of hell but after that an improved / delay free section of line (we hope).

Chiltern are not slow off the blocks as around Kingham Morton and Chipping Norton they have the mobile advertising boards out offerring free tickets to London to try their newly singnalled and reliable line for free YES THEY SAY YOU CAN HAVE A RETURN TICKET TO LONDON FOR FREE. Never heard the likes of this before.

Cheer up things could easily be worse your mortguage and equity could have been nationalised and you could then be just working non stop for the Browns and Mandlesons of this world!!!!!

Cheers TrainMan

Naomi said...

Trainfellow, how we love your blog. Please don't stop writing. More people watching please! x