Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Stupid woman

Was forced to listen to some stupid, politically correct, "right on" up her own backside woman on the train the other day.

She started talking about Prince Harry and the fact that (she says) he treats being in the army as an extention of public school. She said he was talking about what a good time he had and that he was no where near the action of war in Afganistan.

What nonsense and she clearly had no idea of what she was talking about.

1) If you are calling airstrikes (as Harry has been) you are right in the middle of the action scouting the targets for the planes. People tend to shoot at you when you do that.

2) People in front line military units tend to form quite close relationships with each other. This is because they literally have each other's lives in their hands... That's what Harry was referring to when he talked about having good mates around him.

This woman was clearly from the clueless, loony left who have no understanding of the real world but live in politically correct eutopia.



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Anonymous said...

I met a lovely bloke on the train tonight, Tim, he is studying in Oxford and will be ordained in June. He had just been for an interview for a curate's job in London, it seemed to have gone well and he thinks he will get it. I know a lot of readers are Christians, so pray for Tim as he prepares for this new life - he has been a Royal Marine and a magician for the last 18 years, Dear God, why did you make me so boring? Visaman