Sunday, 2 March 2008

When a train is late

Firstly, found a nice little story about FGW on someone else's blog. Read it here:

I've had an idea about the 7.18 from Kingham. Now bear with me on this - it's quite selfish of me but I think it could benefit a great number of people.
What about making the train 15 mins earlier? This wouldn't really change the time I have to get out of bed at. It would theoretically mean that I could be in my office in Reading by 8.30 every day. It would also give the Paddington people a chance of getting to work at a decent hour....

But here's the thing... The train is meant to get us to Reading for 8.20-somthing.. But it NEVER EVER does. I'm lucky if I get in for 8.40.

I approached a travelling chef the other day - he was clean, well presented and actually seemed to have an interest in cooking - although he had no sausages available for the "Breakfast Baguette" - In my opinion, this leaves out a very important part of breakfast. Sausages are a must.

Here's a picture of what he produced-it was very nice.


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