Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Coffee Shop

This week a new coffee shop has materialised at Kingham. It is a small caravan with the most enourmouse flag over it.
One of my fellow passengers commented that he'd rather give this chap his money than FGW. I thought about this for a while and realised that the sharks at FGW are probably charging this guy rent for parking his van there - so it's a lose lose situation.
I think it's a great idea to provide facilties for people - I actually take a flask of tea from home so it doesn't affect me. Nor do they sell the Telegraph or FT.
I therefore feel free to have a list of objections which are entirely unreasonable and selfish:
  • It makes the place look like a gypsy encampment

  • The generator is noisy and ruins the peace and quiet of the station

  • The flag is ridiculous

  • The caravan should at least be made to blend in with the cotswold scene.

I could go on for ever but instead I have included a photo so that you may judge for yourselves.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is a new boss at FGW and its only fair to givehima chance to get things turned around, I klnow like New Yorkers every train passenger thinks they have a god given right to complain, but for goodness sake give the chap a break he knows the score and if he doesn't fix it he and his team wont be around long, First do have some very good people working for them and they are a determined bunch I am sure they will trurn this into a first class railway just like they did in the North with the old TPE which was run in an appauling state by Arriva and is now one of the top performers in the rail industry, network rail must also share the blame for some of the problems it wasn't all the fault of FGW, we used to have some bad times in the Northwest at the old FNW and a lot of the time it was down to NR who are a disgrace when it comes to running the network.