Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The stuff we carry around

I think most of us at one time or another carry around a load of stuff we just don't need.

This morning I sat opposite a chap who had the thickest wallet I have ever seen in my life... see pic below:

I could see at least 5 credit / debit card things, a LOT of receipts, no money strangely, and probably some photos of significant others. Also, we men are weak willed when it comes to business cards. We carry our own and we collect others. I recently filed mine in a "little black book" but really it has taken me 20 years to do.

I suppose this is the male equivalent of the handbag in which your average woman carries a:

half eaten chocolate bar
lipstick (or in the case of the nice lady opposite me today, an entire make up kit)
nuclear launch codes
mobile phone
iPod or other generic music playing device
address book / diary or PDA or Blackberry
48pc socket set
12v car battery

The list goes on but I thought this chap had a very thick wallet which, as you can see from the photo is about 3 times thicket than his exceptionally cool iBook.

On another point, I noticed this chap's shoes. They had not been polished in a (very long) while. Now I know this is a silly thing to notice but it just served to make this fellow look even cooler. I spend ages polishing my Barkers and I never look cool so maybe I should take a leaf from his book...


A brief rant

By the way, trains were on very poor form today with a very nasty colour scheme from a borrowed "Midlands Mainline" train - honestly felt sick. On way home, the entirity of a 125 had to offload into a 2 carriage sprinter turbo thing.. Intimate doesn't even cover it. I know some people a lot better than I needed to. FGW, what are you up to?


Lox said...

Sometimes I have to return from London to Gloucestershire on First Great Western. Usually this is OK with 1st class ticket booked by work, forward facing seats pre booked (importantly not in a iPod free zone) and space for my MacBook Pro. A pleasant journey from London to Cheltenham.

Then there is the 'Ivor the Engine' train that I am sometimes forces to get from Swindon to Cheltenham if i am not able to get a straight through train.

2 carriages for at least 3 carriages full of tired commuters. Even worse is the man that has to brig his mountain bike (takes up lots of space that people grumble about), the man on his mobile phone rescuing multi-billion pound business deals at the top of his voice (no honestly...i've heard it or maybe there was no one on the other end and wanted to look good) and finally (and everyone forgave her) the extremely nice blonde lady with the massive...dog...that left it's hair over everyone (including several people who started sneezing) and liked to stretch out across the floor requiring briefcases to go on knees. This canine was the size of an elephant and smelled like one too...it looked ready to take someone's arm if they looked at it wrong. If it wasn't for the blond hair and hourglass figure and appealing smile then I'm sure someone would have said something. As it was blondy and dog stayed on till Gloucester when various people (including sneezers) said what a lovely dog it was...

Ho hum...

NaiT said...

You have described my handbag PERFECTLY! I think you should select random members of the public (possibly starting with your friends so they don't run off screaming!) and do a random handbag audit for your blog. Would be fascinating.