Friday, 12 October 2007


A prolific commenter on this blog, Lox has made a number of highly amusing points here. I particularly enjoyed his comments about WWJD and WWJBD.

Those of you who know me will know of my admiration for Jack Bauer (although not so much the drink driving actor).

Lox, I think with reference to the posh lady getting stuck at Stonehouse, Jack would have pushed her out of any old door and the gone to her family explaining that he "is sorry for their loss but he needs them to focus on the primary objective right now..."

Looking forward to seeing season 7. Keep the posts coming.



Lox said...

I am (excuse the french) peeing my pants....LOL.

NaiT said...

Not sure who you are Lox, but you are funny!

Lox said...

To de-lurk or not...that is the question.

You can spot me at Trinity...9.15 or 11.15...