Monday, 29 October 2007

Delight at Etiquette

Regular and long term readers will know of my appreciation of Commuter Etiquette.

I had the fortune to sit opposite a very nice lady on my way home today. At one point on the journey she addressed me and enquired (in a very nice voice) where I would like to stretch my legs under the table so that she could put hers the other way.

Fantastic. This is exactly the co-operation we need in order to deal with the hot, over-crowded, ill mannered and late First (Last) Great (Worst) Western. Later on we entered into a discussion about the dreadful new coaches which, due to their tinted glass, makes it even more depressing on the way home because it's soooooo dark you think you are in the pit of hell or somewhere... (making the wild assumption that Hell is indeed a dark place.... and I think it is... except for the burning sulpher.....ok enough.)

I was also pleased to be able to pass out this blog address to her as well - so if you've found it, welcome - I hope this drivel is not too irritating... And thanks for the legroom.


1 comment:

Andy said...

I seriously think you need business cards made up with this web address on them...just leave them lying about the carriages.I'd bet it would be a huge hit.

On a different note have you any hints/tips for not having people sit next to you? If I am really tired and all I want to do is sleep/read a book/ listen to my iPod/ play my PSP then I make sure I choose one of the seats (always facing the direction of travel) that has only 1 other facing it (as opposed to 4 seats together). I then quickly unfold one of the spare newspapers and make use of other props such as cans of coke/laptops etc to make the facing seat look 'in use'. Occasionally I also try and do 'menacing commuter' looks but I have a feeling they come across as 'constipation' looks and inevitable attract passing Doctors/Nurses or on occasion proctologists!!!

I know that is very anti-social and goes against my aim to talk to at least 1 random person each day...but sometimes you have to use every trick in the book.