Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Sign of big earnings?

I have been wondering whether where you stand on the station platform is an indicator either of how much money you earn or how important you think you are... I know that this is a major taboo and that discussing salaries is a major no-no in this country (although if you go to America, you are almost required to tell people I understand).

At my station, the 1st class carriages end up alongside the platform at the end beyond the footbridge. My suspicion is that you have to earn above a certain amount to be able to stand in this area (or at least have an inflated sense of their own importance). In fact, I believe there is a special club you have to be in to even venture beyond the footbridge. Passes are checked and special handshakes exchanged.

So here's my theory. In carriages A - E (assuming the classic InterCity 125 HST) there is a general mixture of people earning between say £0k and £70k. If you go beyond £70K you are automatically diverted to the 1st class end of the station and initiated into a club. These people will generally wear an expression of bored harassment. (an oxymoron if ever there was one).I believe there is a link here with the Blackberry rule I mentioned a week or so ago. I should point out that I am definitely in the standard class accommodation...

Now, onto more important things... Did anyone see Spooks last night? Did it feel like it was dredging the barrel a bit in terms of plot line? Still good to watch of course but it seems poorer to me since the loss of the GCHQ woman in the last series...?

Comments and feedback are required.



LOX said...

Lox doesn't watch Spooks...I have enough to manage with Heroes, Scrubs and Battlestar Galactica!!

My wife on the other hand is an aficionado and I will suggest that she looks at your blog from now on (alas she doesn't travel by train).

On a unrelated do those that are in 'standard class' cope without the food/drink trolley?

The Train Fellow said...

Is your wife a spookaphile then??

You really should get into it - classic viewing.

Regarding the food / drink trolley, I actually appreciate the exercise from going to the buffet / dining car... This is the grossest mis-noma I have come across - not really dining as much as troughing.

Anonymous said...

what's all this Spooks stuff, not even Halloween until the end of the month

Lox said...

Yes, my wife is a definite Spookaphile...

Isn't it all a bit 24 but without JB, fantastic special effects, a good script or a black President?

Do I need to duck now?

PS - Dining vs troughing....a bit like visiting the toilets in the train being like a day trip to Chernobyl (by teh way did you know that in 1st class they give out mints in the loo?)