Monday, 15 October 2007

What people wear

Years ago when my father commuted into London there was a very strict dress code as to what commuters would wear. This was probably dictated by their jobs rather than the commute but there are some interesting observations that can be made:

1) Normally suited people - variety of jobs but probably finance or some such industry

2) Casual wear - but clearly on way to work. These people probably work in advertising or some really cool web development company.

3) Uniform - pretty obvious what they do. However, there was a chap this morning who dresses in a way I really admire - he wears a suit like me and I have commented before on his socks which were fantastic. But today he was wearing a very nice pin stripe suit with a mustard yellow jumper underneath. I wish I had the guts to that. It's just so different and loud. Anyway, he looked like he works in the city..

Train was very late today. The children at the end of the carriage (the ones that get off at Oxford) were very noisy.

It was dark when I got up and it'll be dark when I get home.
The train was full.

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