Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Blackberry - a measure of seniority?

Anyone who gets the train in the morning, or indeed just goes out of their house everyday will come across people using their "berry".
Sounds a bit rude but really these people are chained to their work by an invisible, unbreakable, almost narcotic link.
I used to have one of these things - I also had a mobile phone and a laptop. You can imagine the joy I brought to every train carriage I went in.
But now I have changed jobs and I no longer have a berry or a work mobile and have only just been "upgraded" to laptop. I have never been so happy. I used to really want these gadgets because it made me feel important to work and that they needed me. Not true. They wanted my soul but they didn't need me. Well at least not that much.
(I should say that I did leave the last job by choice... not because they didn't need me. Ok, face saved there.)
So I got to wondering the other morning if having a blackberry is a measure of your importance to your employer. Is the fact that I don't have one - or even a work mobile - a measure of my lowly state?
Perhaps there ought to be some sort of measure - if you start picking up emails on your berry at:
6am - Probably in Sales and wanting to chase down the next new deal.
7am - Senior management - covering one's back by email for the last managerial foul up you made (come on, we've all been there).
8am - Personal users- ie. those who choose to have a blackberry as distinct from those who have one foisted upon them.
10am - CEOs, Chairmen etc. These people have staff for dealing with emails and only really need a berry so they can swap numbers with their chums at their Gentlemens' clubs, Lodge meetings or other gathering. (Note the gross generalisation).
Never - just not trusted enough by work to look after a valuable piece of gear like a berry (this is me).
I don't know if this has any value but it would be interesting to try it out. My point remains the same though... I am free because I don't have one... anymore.


Lox said...

iPod - the best thing since sliced bread

Blackberry's - intended to ruin non working hours

Fact (see Guinness Book of Records Vol 2, Pg 143, para 9)

The Train Fellow said...


Sadly I only own a lowly mp3 player but I fully agree - the concept has changed my life..

Berries - nightmare.

Sadly don't have a copy of the Guiness book of records - can you enlighten us?


James said...

Blackberrys (is that the correct plural form?) are indeed a wholly Bad Thing. This may be jealousy as I have never been entrusted with one. However, anything which allows work to be in touch with you outside of working hours must be wrong. In fact, it may be the greatest swindle ever perpetrated on the working masses.

Lox said...

Take it from me it is an official fact...in the stylee of 'Fight Club' I recommend leaving references to this fact on specially made business cards strategically located around the train.