Tuesday, 16 October 2007

People Still Care

Train was late AGAIN today. It was raining and we all got wet. Goodlooking tall man was there today and mentioned on a number of occasions that he has the day off on Friday and he is going to Paris.... This makes me angry as he is going to the Rugby World Cup final. I took my revenge by splashing him with a puddle and then stealing his lunch and throwing his bag into the bushes.

When on the train a nice little family got on the train and were immediately separated by the selfishness of regular commuters - i.e. get a seat with a spare one next to it so that you can have your own space - sadly for the little family they were forced to sit apart from each other as they got on the train too late. However, a nice business man in a suit turned to the father and said "would you like to swap seats so you can sit with your daughter". Lovely. Felt a bit embarrassed not to have done the offering myself.

Anyway, for the rest of the journey they read their books and behaved very nicely indeed - unlike the St Edwards children at the end of the carriage who behaved in their usual manner and showed absolutely no respect for their fellow travellers, They are old enough to know better.



Lox said...

Re the St Edwards children, I would suggest introducing a yellow card/red card system. I hope you find this useful.

You could provide some of the 'regulars' with palm sized yellow and red cards along with instructions on their use.

Suggested usage as follows:

- Any above acceptable noise from the children: respond with yellow card on first occasion and if possible note their name and description of infringement eg teenage child (should know better) screaming at brother in shrill voice.

- Any repeat infringements then issue red card and ask to move to another carriage.

Alternative versions:

- Don't talk directly to offenders...just walk quietly up to them and (in the style of a referee) hold the card out to them for at least 30 seconds.

- On a second offense you have the option of either
a) giving red card and a copy of the National Express timetable with relevant routes/times and prices highlighted
b) giving parents a leaflet for your local 'Parenting Class' course

tiredad said...

why National Express, why not National Service for the brats before this country goes down the pan??!!

Lox said...

There is a good research entitled "The desistence effect of enforced Military and Civil Service on abnormal children and young people" available at


Personally I don't think it goes far enough.

NaiT said...

my school used to have fights with St Edwards with baseball bats... Still, not bad kids really on either side - my Mum teaches singing at St Ed's so maybe I will get her to include some 'carriage etiquette' in her lessons!

Lox said...

I think we should extend the scheme to all walks of life...

People who don't hold doors open for others.
People who take up invalid spaces in Sainsbury's when they are able bodied.
To show approval or disapproval of a sermon delivered by a certain sports mad vicar...