Sunday, 7 October 2007

Feedback on my ramblings

An anonymous writer made the following comment:

"I know that this blog is a little 'tongue in cheek' but the more i read about it the more i think that you come across as being a snobbish, ultra critical, uncaring, upper middle class, judgmental, picky, intolerant and self righteous person. It seems you like to look down your nose at others and judge them at all times whether it is 'smelly man' (how demeaning to describe him as such), women on phone, people with kids...I'm glad that not everyone judges the way you do...maybe, just maybe, you need to live and let live and realise that not everyone is as perfect as you."

I am saddened by this comment as the person clearly doesn't know me very well, much less understand the intention of this blog.

I am probably (almost definitely) all those things that have been said above at some point or other. However, the intention of this blog is actually to reflect what I perceive as the collective train of thought (forgive the pun) of my fellow commuters. This perception is gathered from the snippets of conversation one hears, the looks people give and so on. But here's the point - no one actually says anything to anyone. There is an unwritten code of commuting and I find it hilarious that some people break "the rules".

I admit that the day on which I wrote the article refered to I was probably in a bad mood and one thing is for certain, I am not perfect.

I would refer the commenter to posts about Roy Harley the train manager who, as I have said before is a lovely fellow.

Response over.



Neil Bennetts said...

I think anyone who leaves an anonymous quote is a complete fairy. Personally i love the blog. It is fresh air in a world of sterile political correctness.In fact i would quite like it to be a little ruder in places please.

NaiT said...

Amen Neil! Don't be upset by that Al, you have not put anything offensive, you have merely described reality... I love the fact that you are honest in describing what enters your head, because in reality, we all think it but are far too British and reserved to say anything. We have a lot to learn from children who will happily ask why a disabled person is sitting down, or why an overweight person is fat because they have no concept of what is 'rude' and what is not.

If someone has a problem with what you write, then they should at least have the courage and decency to introduce themselves properly, otherwise calling you a "snob" etc makes them no better than you saying 'smelly man'.

More of the same please trainfellow

Anonymous said...

Train Fellow

You carry on 'as was'. I think the response from Neil Bennetts hits the nail on the head.

Yes the man is SMELLY, I had the unfortunate 'pleasure' of sampling the 'smell' and it is more profoundly smelly than described it is quite OBNOXIOUS. That is how it was, that is how it is and no way should anyone dress it up to be the scent of a sweet violet etc etc. So called 'class' or 'snobishness'is a 'red herring'

Dear Anonymous

Get real and in touch with the real world.


James said...

I do enjoy your postings and the tongue in cheek ribbing. Ignore the anonymous poster - what a spoil sport. Continue with the quality musings and rantings, it perks up my day.

On a practical level, I get the same train as you in the morning and only ever use carriage A. No hooray henrys braying into their mobiles there. Peace and quiet only. I recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting response to my comments...just a couple of thoughts?

@Neil...Fairy as in 'gay' or as in something else?

@Nait...I disagree that there is nothing offensive...Neil thinks it should be ruder (read more offensive??). Are you saying that it is fine to say what comes into our heads? Regardless of whether someone may find it offensive? Also, i didn't say Al was a snob...I said it 'comes across' like that sometimes.

@the another anonymous poster...I know what the real world is like...i live it on a daily basis. What I try and do though is treat others how I would like to be treated.

In summary, I just expressed an i said, I know the blog is tongue in cheek and can be hilarious. Sometimes it makes me cringe to read it and other times I laugh...however I feel a tad uncomfortable thinking about:

a) what the 'smelly man' would feel like reading it? Would he find it funny? Would it hurt him? Would it make him think about his hygene? I don't know but maybe rather than quietly laughing at him it would be more courageous to think about striking up a friendship and talking to him...maybe even getting to the point where you could raise the issue with him.

b) the difference between what we feel/think and what we do/say. Just because we feel/think something about a situation or a person doesn't mean that it is right or that we should verbalise it.

Anyway, there we go...just my own thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hmm anonymous "just expressed an opinon" - more like a personal attack. The ramblings on this blog are just poking fun at things. If you are taking it seriously you have missed the point totally - read another blog.