Thursday, 25 October 2007

Overheard conversations and solution MP3

So... I was on the train on the way home tonight - caught the early one on account of... well couldn't be bothered.

There was a lady about 2 seats away from me who proceeded to have quite a personal conversation at quite an astounding volume. Now, before I incur the wrath of anyone reading this, I am not about to have a go at this woman like I did that other one a few weeks ago who was pleased to tell everyone how great her life is..

I genuinely tried not to listen to this conversation - and I really wanted to be sympathetic but she was talking loudly about a relative who had sadly passed away and who had the left the specific instruction that she should have an "Eco-funeral". What is this pray tell? Well... cardboard coffin, no undertakers etc etc. Conversation followed about how on earth you organise something like this..... "I don't know what to do - you can't go to the hospital with a hired transit van and pick up the body..." Wanted to shout with all my might "GOOGLE IT" but instead plugged in my MP3 player and fantasized about being Jack Bauer.

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Lox (delurking as Andrew McConnochie) said...

Fantastic....I dare, no double dare please, please, please just scream it out