Friday, 1 February 2008

A week of no commuting

For the benefit of Train Man and others, I feel I should update you on why I have been silent in a week when I would have had soooo much ammunition to fire at FGW / LWW etc etc. But I've been on a course in a hotel on a beach with a very fine restaurant! Lovely.

I've provided some pics of the view from my balcony. Back on the trains next week to see if the newly penitent (that is humble) FGW can do any better.

I am excited to hear that they will be provided a stonking discount on season tickets... Hopefully I'll still be doing the commute to take advantage..

Those of you who know my (tongue in cheek) feelings about northerners will be amused to hear that the course tutor this week was a Dyslexic Geordie with Tourettes' syndrome... Brilliant.


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