Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Carriage B - the home of relationship breakups on the phone

We all know how painful it is when a relationship breaks down - and I'm sure it's sooo much worse when it's a "significant other" type thing.

You will have noticed the comments of yesterday and the woman discussing her problems loudly... Today another woman did the same thing whilst her 7 year old daugher listened in. Honestly it was excrutiating.

Some conversations must be had in private and definitely not in front of a daughter who will be deeply affected by it I'm sure. Mind you, sounds like the bloke involved needs to do a bit of growing up.

I mentioned this to the Royal Green Jacket. His suggestion was "sit down opposite her and take notes on the whole conversation, very obviously. When she leans over to say excuse me, this is a private conversation, simply respond: Yes, it is."

I love his style.



NaiT said...

ha!! I think you should add a new thread to your blog entitled 'eavesdroppings' - occasional posts about amusing snippets of 'I don't know what'. In my great love of people watching I sometimes come across choice phrases that leave you thinking "what could they possibly be talking about??"

Billyo said...

That is indeed a superb idea. Ask occasionally if they could repeat something, or ask how to spell certain names.

I like your blog a lot. My blog started out with a lot of commuter ranting, but I've largely moved into the realm of commuter apathy. I was warned it would kick in around a year in, and so it did. A few things still get me annoyed though.

At least you have a quiet coach on your train. On our S Wales-S Coast cattle trucks we have a choice of noisy coach or noisier coach.

John said...

A couple of years ago, during engineering works, the FGW route from Cornwall to Paddington was diverted along the South West Trains route at Exeter, stopping at a variety of small stations - Honiton, Axminster, etc. Heading back to Reading late one night, a girl in her late teens/early twenties was having a conversation on her mobile about her friends and the men they were going out with. The phrase I remember most from that conversation was "but he's the most dangerous man in Crewkerne!"

Even without the local accent, there's a book title there somewhere - or an episode of a Two Ronnies serial.