Monday, 11 February 2008

Not an auspicious start

I was wondering on my way to work this morning if I had lost my passion for commenting about FGW or my fellow commuters. You will be pleased to hear (?) I have not lost it after all.

Journey home today:

1) The magical mixture of a child and a dog in my carriage. I really couldn't have chosen any better. The poor child (age circa 18months) was clearly tired and needed to sleep hence the semi-tantrum coming from it's general direction. The dog was frightened of the small child hence pitiful whining noises.

And I messed up the Sudoku.

2) The train that had left Reading more or less on time achieve the brillant feat of getting to Kingham 20 mins late. The usual excuses were offered along with the line about "any inconvenience" but actually this is no longer good enough (as if it ever was).

I have to run my life on quite a tight timetable in order to get to work on time, get home, run (those that know me personally will testify to my needing to do this), spend time with beautiful wife and daughter etc etc. I do not have a spare 20 mins in my day to just give away. I know this sounds pathetic and that perhaps I should work closer to home?? Oh, it's too complicated to go into here.

The point is that FGW are supposed to run a "World class train service". How can they even dream this when they describe a train that is 15 mins late as "On Time".

Utter nonsense. I feel another email to the CEO coming up.


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Anonymous said...

my children managed to get a photograph printed on a tee shirt in minutes in Cheltenham, the picture that your friend made up on a tee shirt could be great - they could even be personalised to sub groups, like the Kingham 7.18 gang - I bet you can't get Royal Green Jacket to wear one!!