Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Very loud woman in carriage B on 7.18

Visaman and a number of others including myself and the amusing "Jules" were treated to one end of what should have been a private phone conversation.

This lady shared at high volume the details of her recent break up with her ex-boyfriend who was "just being really petty". As a result of the break up she had moved out and is living with her mother somewhere in the Malverns (honestly this woman seemed like she hadn't been outside of London in years).

I can't remember all of the conversation but I know Jules and Visaman both were writing notes. I should point out that this conversation started at Charlbury and went on anabaited until Didcot when fortunately the silly moo had to buy a ticket from the distinguished Roy Harley (I really do like his style - recognisable and reassuring).

The moment her transaction was complete, she was back on the phone to the poor unfortunate at the other end and she just carried on - oblivious to the looks, shakes of heads and people actually changing seats to get away from her.

Visaman and Jules, your contributions please.


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Anonymous said...

Tuesday morning, sat on the train, absolute hoot, the girl in front is clearly talking to a girlfriend (actually a boy, see below) about the break up with boyfriend…..but is equally not aware that the whole carriage must be listening it. She has nowhere to live (staying with her Mum) has sold her car and has everything in cardboard boxes, he still has the theatre tickets that she wants…..but they were on is credit card and so he will probably keep them, the play is said to be very good with Charles Dance, (sorry, I don’t do culture, I will have to look that one up). Apparently the skiing holiday is off, she is not very good, dodgy knees but was just looking forward to being in the fresh air – apparently the latest in a series of disastrous skiing holidays – I want to know about the others!!................now that train has speeded up a bit more difficult to hear!

Some talk about an underachieving rugby team, with a quite good ground and propped up by local business man made good, sounds like Cyril and Worcester to me.

Mum didn’t cook dinner last night, she arrived home at 8.45, no note, no dinner – Mum was out, what was Mum thinking about, she had to go to the gym. No coordination, no balance, but is she goes when men are there nobody notices.

Grumpy and miserable, I don’t do tired, on the way to see Steve, but can’t remember if she has met him before…poor chap!

Mystery person on the other end (Duncan) has to do the schmoosing , pity I missed what was that was about.

Some event at Chelsea football club, on Friday night, they are staying at the hotel, she plans to be good, but expects that it will all go pear shaped after 10.00pm

She told Duncan that she had to go and buy a ticket, not sure what Roy would make of all this on his train) Colwell to Paddington return + zones 1 and 2 for those with an anal interest in detail……and for those who need counselling £66.72!

Roy has completed the financials, will there be more

New conversation about work stuff, she had to get some help because she didn’t have a clue what was going on – but she has been sorting out the pay review, presumably for people that she doesn’t know what they are doing! At least Kim is sorting out the planning!! He doesn’t like her, but apparently Kim is ok…..

Train speeded up and quieter talking – bummer!!

Poor girl with us all listening, but this is only the second best overheard conversation. The best was another girl talking to girlfriend about a relationship break up and her new options, including the chap from the weekend who is a lovely friend, he came back at the weekend but nothing happened, but when pushed admitted that ok, it did – but it wasn’t meant to – quality, we were all listening on the sleepy run into Oxford that evening.

Fantastic slow run into Paddington…..on Sunday morning she goes to two classes at the gym, usually reads the paper and has some breakfast between the two, this week she took work in and did it, she must get some balance in her life (he words not mine)

Yesterday she was in the office all day, but never sat at her desk, she hasn’t even read her emails (!) and so couldn’t talk to people about what is going on, but now that it is just her she will be able to just statrt again – in every whichway.

Back to skiing, he wanted her to go as a friend, but she doesn’t want to spend a week with somebody who is that nasty, apparently everyting is her fault – perhaps she was always on the phone, this has been Charlbury to Paddington, except for the ticket purchase.

Whoever it is mustn’t worry about it, it was going to be mentioned yesterday, but don’t worry, it’s fine……………what the hell is it…………..rats….Paddington!!