Friday, 15 February 2008

Please do not flush the toilet whilst the train is at a station

There is a good reason why this request is made of us commuters. It's because sometimes the water and associated waste efluent comes out of the train.

I realised this today because, as I was standing on platform 4 of Reading station, staring into space, my eyes came into focus on the track in front of me.

And what did I see? I beige / brown "jobbie". Just lying there on the track looking at me. I looked around and there was loo paper and other general nastiness. Surely a public health issue but I don't blame the platform staff for not doing anything about it. I mean, who wants to do that job, especially with an audience.

So, let this be a lesson to you. DO NOT FLUSH WHILST AT A STATION.



Topham Hatt said...

Why are these people not arrested?
Railway bylaws 6(4) "No person shall soil any part of the railway."
Since the bylaws fail to list "using the toilet" as an acceptable means of soiling the railway, it follows that anyone using the toilet is commiting an offence, whether stood in the station or not.

Anonymous said...

You would think that in the twenty first century, in the realm of the ipod and space travel, they would have come up with a train toilet that discharges it's contents into some sort of receptacle. It's reminiscent of medieval times when people threw their buckets of shite out of the window. What about the health of the track workers too? I guess FGW aren't on the cutting edge of anything though, look at European train services.

Tim said...

A passenger asked why I'd used the toilet on the plane today (I work as cabin crew) when the plane was still on the ground...... I explained it all went into a big tank. All I can say is if it didn't have a tank why would it better to use it in the air over towns and cities than on the tarmac at Gatwick?

Pete McCrea said...

I was always nervous when a trains would pass at speed while we were out working on the track. I never fancied a 125MPH shit shower as someone flushed just as the train passed us. It usually turns into spray when it's moving, so it's only obvious in the stations.

It's only in the last 10 years or so that they've started putting tanks on new stock, thankfully.