Friday, 22 February 2008

Drinking on the Train

On Monday of this week I had the usual pleasure of rousing myself and getting on the 7.18am train. To do this I have to get up at 6am. (Already I can see what a nonsense my life is... Honestly).

Anyway, you can imagine my state of mind when I get on the train - all I want is quiet and a sip of tea whilst I either check my emails, do a Sudoku or I sleep.

On this particular morning, I noticed nothing different in carriage B apart from a slightly chatty group of people who I assumed would quieten down when more commuters got on, carrying with them their slient air and speach forbidding looks.

Only minutes later, I heard the sound of champagne corks being popped, glasses being filled and shouts of "Cheers". Clearly on a jolly for the day. They got louder and louder and the female laughing in particular was glass shattering.

It went on and on. The funny thing about British society in particular is that we are all afraid of a confrontation with someone who may turn out to be quite violent. This has been illustrated again and again when a reasonable member of society has either been stabbed and killed or prosecuted for standing up to yobos.

I did my bit and got off the train as soon as possible.

However, I did tell someone to turn down their Ipod on Tuesday because they were annoying everyone and I had a lot of encouraging looks from people along with nods of approval..



Anonymous said...

they were noisy and when the train was delayed threatened to go to the bar for spirits as they had run out of champagne, fortunately one of their number said that it would get messy if they followed this course of action. They spent most of the time trying to find the telephone number for The Laundry where they were meeting others - this turned out to be Villandry, in Great Portland St, by all accounts a good choice, drinking on trains should be banned unless you share with the entire compartment, Visaman

NaiT said...

You should try catching the Hester's Way bus!! Even the driver drinks!! Haha only joking but it is quite an education...

Loxley said...

@Nait - LMAO...