Thursday, 7 February 2008

Rowan Williams needs to resign.

I know this is a departure from my normal rantings about FGW but I feel today that I need to comment on something else - the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

As you will probably know from the news, Rowan has been discussing how Sharia law could come to the UK - albeit only for Muslims who opt to live under it's rules.

My problems with this are:

1) He is Archbishop of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, not of Islam. As much as it would be nice to see peace between Christianity and Islam, they are different and separate faiths and it is not for the leader of the Anglican church to be an apologist for Islam. I have a lot of questions about Rowan's outlook.

2) The Rule of Law. The UK and it's stability is built upon the Rule of Law (A.V. Dicey 16oo odd). Society is built upon the population being subject to the same laws and conventions with all being equal in the eyes of the law.
We cannot consider having different rules applicable to different people. As a Christian, I still consider myself subject to the laws of the nation I live in - even if I don't quite agree with all of them.

Quite what the AOC thinks he is doing by pusing an Islamic agenda I don't know. If as AOC he is leading Christians in their faith, what does he think he is doing??????????

Not a very eloquent or well thought out item but it does reflect my thoughts this evening. Normal service will be resumed soon.



Dave 'Emlyn' Hughes said...

I totally agree with you. I lost my faith in him when attending a conference led by him about "Fresh Expressions of Church". He said that his first priority for the church is tradition, which seemed totally odd. What about God? Let's not make the church about theology, it is theocracy. Grrrr indeed.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree!

He is the religious leader of England for goodness sake!

How dare he suggest bringing in such stuff- what has England and Christianity been doing for the last 500 years? They have been modernising and getting rid of evil things such as stoning.

And now he suggests that we undo all this?