Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Kirsty Allsop

Those of us addicted to "house - type programmes" will be familiar with Kirsty and Phil. I am a big fan of them both - they have a no nonsense approach and are not too politically correct. Lovely.
You can imagine my excitement therefore when I heard a voice on the train the other morning that sounded unmistakably like our Kirsty. Except this one was called Geoff. I know this because she was talking, very nicely, into her "brand new, teething troubles" blackberry (you know my thoughts on those).

She had a charm and style in her conversation that I wished for and a grace that would carry through almost any situation. I had mentally assigned the jolly face of Kirsty G to this lady.

So understand my shock when I stood up at my station, glanced over at this lady to discover much more masculine vision that I had expected.

That'll teach me to make assumptions. How shallow I am.



Loxley said...

We could do a good game with the celebrity (or the celebrity look a like).

I had a good one today on the 3.48 from London to Cheltenham. For some reason the first one the first class carriages was cordoned off (apparently it was unsafe but not to unsafe to be left on the sidings). Anyway, I got into the next carriage and discovered all but one of the seats was reserved so I promptly sat in the unreserved seat. 30 seconds later teh train starts filling up with busines types all complaining that we were 1 carriage short and all teh seats were reserved. Some pompous bloke sits in a reserved seat and a conductor comes along and tells him that the seat is reserved. He creates a bit f a stink...season ticket holder...blah seats...make me move...blah blah...I'm not moving...blah blah (you get the picture). About 10 seconds after this outburst a Police Officer with a dog appears from no where and tells the gentlemen that he will be removed from teh train unless he vacates the seat. Needles to say pompous gentleman immediately moves...

Within 1 minute, the Princess Royal (Princess Anne) walks on with an entourage of about 10 people and takes the reserved seat!!!

I got to sit within spitting distance (although obviously i didn't actually check that this was in fact true) of a Royal the whole way from Paddington to Kemble where she alighted...

All in all a fun packed journey....I would have preferred Kirsty though....or Sarah Beany...

Anonymous said...

We were watching her jut last night! JT remarked that she needed to remove her tash, but other than that we were impressed :-) nai x

Anonymous said...

Dear TrainFellow

How did you get on during yesterday's 'LWW day of action' protest?


Anonymous said...


Have you resigned or gone on leave? Have not heard from you for a week, surely you cannot be ill.

We are all missing our appointed travel rover's report for this week.

Heaven forbid, I know, you have just receievd a offer from LWW to be their new PR man! Is it true?