Thursday, 10 January 2008

General comments

There have been a number of things I've wanted to comment on in recent days:

- the fact that the trains haven't been too bad - apart from being consistently late.
- a man with fantastic red socks - much like my own.
- a chap wearing a pin stripe suit and a checked shirt - apparantly this is a social faux pas - I did this once and was reprimanded. However, this chap was much worse. Every 2 mins or so, he snorted in the way of someone emptying their sinuses - really quite unpleasant.

But the thing that has prevented me from writing was a comment that was left on one of my previous posts by someone I can only assume is an FGW employee. In this post (which I have now deleted) I mentioned a number of FGW staff - one of whom was a "Train Manager" with an Australian accent.
Whoever this commenter was, he/she took great exception to my comments about this Train Manager even though I was only really commenting on my own intolerances, not on her.

This FGW person (commenting anonymously of course) described me really quite rudely and with no small amount of swearing. I probably should develop a thicker skin but I was genuinely disappointed by the fact that this person didn't even read the story properly but just unleashed his / her abuse anyway....

Such is the world in which we commute.... Such fun.



Susie Finch said...

Dear Train Fellow - just to let you know (if you can get there on time) that David Cameron is holding a public meeting with the MD of FGW, Mike Carroll and Regional Director, Richard Rowland. This is on Friday 18th January at the Corner House (Charlbury) - ask if you need directions at 4.30pm to 5.40pm. Great time!! Only way I can get there on time is to get the bus!! Love your ramblings - very amusing! Loved the one about the Bourne Ultimatum - I thought that too!! Is your name Lee by the way. Susie

Anonymous said...

I read these, and other similar blogs with interest. But I can never understand these people who are downright abusive.. OK, it's fine to disagree with what you are saying in your blog, but you are not abusive and do not swear in your blog. So surely someone who disagrees with you could be polite in their reply too?

Perhaps one of these rude, abusive people could tell me why they do it (in nice clean words for once please?)..

Anonymous said...

Dear Train Fellow,

You must realise that LWW staff do lack a sense of humour; its a shame I know, but somehow they seem generally to be rattled about something ~ perhaps its the failur of the company to deliver 'the goods'.

Lets face it you would be miffed if you were led by people who constantly failed to deliver; even the top brass in LWW are frustrated by the clammy grip of an outfit called Network Rail who have consistantly failed to update the infrastructure. This is literally 'chickens coming home to roost' time for all routes out of Paddington.

So turning to something different what are your travel plans for coping with the impending LWW 'guards/ train managers/ conductors / whatever their latest names'. Reading will be a tad difficult to get to unless you come in via southern from say Guildford etc ~ will it be the good old car or working from home?



Loxley said...

Sorry to hear that you got a bad response...

Don't let it stop u blogging with your immensely funny descriptions and witty insights into the life of a commuter.

It really does keep people amused...


NaiT said...

Don't worry Trainfellow, some people cannot handle a bit of banter... You know if you write a blog with such honesty you must expect to create a reaction, whatever that may be and congratulations, that is one of the highest forms of art - many companies pay billions of pounds to create 'a reaction' from the general public!

I find it sad that you yourself feel the need to remain the anonymous 'train fellow' (quirky as it is) for fear of being killed by an anonymous 'train manager' or beaten to a pulp by anonymous punters.

What happened to so-called 'freedom of expression'? We're just not allowed to call a spade a spade anymore. (I saw a great birthday card of one cat shouting "Oi no bollocks!" at another cat, captioned 'Fred knew how to call a spayed a spayed') :-)