Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year's Resolution

I'm going to try and be nice about people a bit more this year rather than the ranting incoherent git that I have become in recent months.

I can't guarantee it'll last long but we'll give it a go.

I return to my commute tomorrow morning. I am filled with a due sense of dread and misery about my journey. The weather forecast tells me snow is on the way - a great excuse for the train not making it up Norton Bank or whatever they call it.

I also have to leave slightly earlier tomorrow to ensure I have time to approach Leon (the ticket office chap) for a car parking ticket.

More will follow I am sure. In the mean time, safe travelling and may FGW not foul it up too much for you.

Good luck.



Anonymous said...

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, we missed you today, but Robyn and I had a smile about you...........we thought that you might have had a Christmas of spectacular even Dickensian proportions and having to slim down before you could get out of the front door, Visaman

NaiT said...
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NaiT said...

Ooh look! The real Visaman! Hope the train causes enough amusement today to make up for having to go back to work! Nai T x

Anonymous said...

Dear Train Fellow,

I can see why you are full of intrepidations for your journeying today ~ saw your new friend Mr Haines on TV last night (Thames Valley News), explaining why things will not be getting better in the short term (lack of investment over the past decades) I felt he was getting his excuses in early enough to be able to say I told you so! Unfortunately, to some extent he is right because jolly old Network Rail / Railtrack ignored the old GWR system, hence the current enormous capacity / equipment failure debacle. As I keep on saying (and you heard it personally from Mr Haines) ~ the cavalry are coming in the shape of rebuilding Reading Station / approaches, new signalling, tracks etc down to Didcot and eventually double tracking to Kingham.

Of course there may be the odd discomfort to endure whilst this is all happening. Elsewhere in the country they have economised on what they spend on such massive undertakings by by creating 'blockades'. To you this means closing lines for what will seem enormous lengths of time (eg 6+ months), but of course this will not happen here will it; imagine the uproar? Guess you will ned to monitor this closely. It makes retirement or working in Cheltenham seem like utopia.

PS Trains running early into Marylebone yesterday and this morning. Tried the route from Bicester ~ quite impressed coffee shop etc open on station and no long queue for tickets.



Anonymous said...

Post for responding to Andy

Is the £177 per day return from Cheltenham, or is that for the whole week of rollicking good clean fun, enjoying FIRST GREAT Western's FIRST GREAT hospitality?
If its the former I have a very positive alternative suggestion waiting for you.

Nope....£177 return each day....

I have waited until the New Year to reveal all.

Best offer is currently (2008 prices)from Bicester North to Marylebone + plus Zones 1-6 = £98.50 for 7 days continuous travel. I believe the day rate is around 50% of above. Car Parking for the week = £18.00 (acres of parking). I believe the day rate is £6.00
Assume you live in Cheltenham, so assuming again average car costs likely to be as follows:
Cheltenham / Bicester = 49 miles = 2x49= 98miles /wk@say 0.50p/mile = petrol maintenance & depreciation of £49.00 per day

Overall costs Train Chiltern + Underground £98.50 + Parking £18.00 = £116.50 FOR A WEEK to compare with your Cheltenham / Paddington FGW only of £177.00 (2007 prices)FOR ONE DAY;asaving of £60.50 assuming only one day is needed (think of the remaining 4 working days as freebees. If you do not need the underground possibly more savings to be made

Even adding in the cost of the car per day of say £49.00 ‘all in’, you would still have savings and the remaining 4 working days would only be at the cost of the car at £49.00 per day inclusive

Between 6am and 9am circa 4 trains per hour (fastest time to London 58 minutes). Between 4pm and 7pm 4 trains per hour (fastest time to Bicester also 58 minutes.

Rarely late (compared with FGW)
Seats available in each direction
Refreshments trolley brought to you(on clubman trains)
Reliable enough to get to work and also plan your evenings.

What do you think?