Tuesday, 22 January 2008


So I was working from home today but I have heard that the train was on time today.... This presented on or 2 issues to the passengers at Charlbury who have been lulled into a false sense of security by the persistent lateness of the train.

I understand that the train left bang on time much to the horror of some regulars who are used to the train being late.

I can easily imagine how this happens. Every minute in bed in the morning is precious so you are bound to try and eek out as much time between the sheets as possible. Also a dangerous game to play when you have the likes of FGW providing transport.

So sorry to hear of your troubles Charlbury folk.



Loxley said...

I hear that FGW are rewarding their passengers with a lateness bonus because of their (FGW's not the passengers) poor performance last year?

I wonder what people wil be spending theirs on? The latest iPod, a new pair of socks, the 24 box set that you didn't get for Christmas or (being very topical here given the middle class drinking news reports) will it be a bottle or two of your favorite tipple?

Personally, I'd go for the bottle or two of wine!

Susie Finch said...

Just to let you know, following the "Meet the Managers" at Oxford station, and the announcement that on season ticket renewal we would be receiving a larger discount, I asked the question if this would apply for a year, as annual season ticket holders would benefit for a whole year, but monthly and termly season ticket holders would not. I have just received a reply from the Fares Manager which states "Following on from your question at Oxford station yesterday, I am pleased to confirm that the double discount will apply to every renewal on your monthly season ticket until 26th January 2009". Good news!