Saturday, 5 January 2008

FGW strike again

In the last 2 days of commuting I have noticed numerous things that require comment from me. However, the most important one is this:

I caught the 16.23 home last night. It was a bit late due some rolling stock failure - given that this sort of thing normally brings the entire network to a grinding halt, they hadn't done too badly - it was onlyu 9 mins late.

However, there was a platform alteration - we all traipsed off to platform 8 and waited patiently. The ticker signs on the platform then changed and told us that there would be a Bristol train in front of ours. No problem, these things happen.. As the "Bristol" train arrived, it suddenly became apparant to the more observant of us that this was indeed the Worcester train and we should get on it.

Unfortunately for FGW their tannoy system on platform 8 was not working properly and many people for Bristol had an unexpected journey north rather than west. Poor things...

If it had been me, I'd have been livid....



Anonymous said...

If Bristol passengers got on the train, why did they have an unexpected journey north, was there NO announcement by the train manager ON the train stating where the train was destined giving passengers the opportunity to alight at either Reading of Didcot assuming the train called at one or both of these stations

Anonymous said...

Well, Oxford is northish of Bristol and train goes to Worcester which is definitely north of Bristol.
The people got on board at Reading and were 10 mins out of Reading before the train manager realised there was a problem. This train doesn't call at Didcot so the poor darlings had to get out at Oxford and go across to platform X to go south again.... Make sense?

Who are you Btw?

The Train Fellow

NaiT said...

Naomi said... (not anonymously) How annoying! You really do wonder if there are any 'ept' employees in the world sometimes. Reminds me of the book title "Is it just me or is everything s**t?" Excellent book.