Monday, 5 November 2007


Oh the trains. RUBBISH.

I have this evening had yet another unique experience of FGW (the train company). Apparently there has been a train failure in the "Oxford area" which has led to my train being diverted via Swansea (well Swindon) and I am, as I type, in the back of a cab with 5 strangers and my boss as we make our way towards Kingham. The driver has already confessed that he has no idea where he is going. All jolly good fun really. I hope none of my fellow passengers are murderers, otherwise we'll all end up going the way of the squirrel in my previous story.

Trainman - I know you will be delighted to hear about this and will no doubt gloat at the Germanic efficiency of your run into London / Berlin. “Zer ar alvays plans JA?”

Visaman - you lucky git, you missed the excitement.

Lox - try getting my train one day. You'll learn what pain is.

Anyway, to end this otherwise negative rant, I thought I would amuse you with what Collyn the train manager said on the (late) 07.18 this morning:

Usual announcements about where we are going blah blah and then, when referring to the train, "SHE is booked to arrive at London Paddington at 08:45". Hang on a sec Collyn. It's a chuffing train not an ocean going liner. Maybe when you've spent that much time on the train you start to get an emotional attachment to the thing.


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Anonymous said...

Train Fellow, old man, sorry to hear your demise travelling LWW yesterday.

I understand from my lovely wife that the cause announced on the radio was a derailed carraige at Oxford!

My neighbour got caught up and delayed along similar lines to those you have described (long costly taxi journey with 4 others).

It all seems too much for Network Rail and LWW. To add insult to injury Chiltern was running early yesterday. Today a bit of a irritation with the bakerloo line suspended and some chaos walking 5 minutes down to Baker St station.

Hope LWW is better today for you all on the good ship 125 (or is that -125?


Train Man

PS GreenJacket Man is right ~ Squirrels are tree rats and do a lot of harm to other wildlife and forestry. 1930's squirrel farming has a lot to answer for in spreading them across the UK