Thursday, 8 November 2007

Good things

I wonder if I will be less concerned with the train timings I I notice nice things out of the window (when it's light).

This morning, I happened to look up from my laptop (writing presentation on.,.. oh never mind) and saw 2 deer in the field right next to the train.

They looked so unconcerned by everything - just a lovely sight with the autumn leaves around them. It warms the heart and makes me think of nice weekends at Mummy and Daddy's place in the country.

As an amusing aside, I was talking to Tall Man, Visaman and Greenjacketman (who Visaman says should be called "Royal Greenjacket" and I agree) about the impending meeting with representatives from FGW and Royal Greenjacket mentioned something about the annoyance of having the train stop at Didcot Parkway. It used not to do this apparently. Anyway, the Royal Greenjacket went on to say that " a different type of person gets on the train at Didcot.. They're not like us." Nearly cried I was laughing so much. I've met someone who's politics are on the right of mine. Incidentally I asked him to describe the people who get on the train at Didcot - he said "you know who I mean".

You can safely assume he was referring to the tracksuit wearing, trainer attired, baseball hatted youths. (Also known as chavs).



Anonymous said...

Hate to mention it but when double tracking enters the Cotswold line more 'different types' will infiltrate. Your travelling companions are likely to change dramatically as Kingham becomes more accessable to the 'developed world' east of Oxford. Gosh what a thought.

Perhaps I ought to think about commuting from Wales ~ oh, on second thoughts perhaps not, there are even more different down there.


James said...

Don't worry, the Didcot stops are being removed in the new timetable. Hurray.