Thursday, 8 November 2007

From Oxford

The little chuffer train I take home some days was waiting obediently for me at Oxford and off we went. The train manager came on the tannoy and apologised for the toilet being locked as it was in a "disgusting state"!
Apparantly they had the choice of either locking the toilet or cancelling the train..... Seemed a bit draconian but there we go.

2 thoughts entered my head:

1) What sort of filthy disgusting person trashes a public toilet - it's actually quite difficult to do unless you are really very very ill - as in so ill you can't leave the house so how come you're on the train.... ok, probably 1000s of reasons but I just can't stand the way that some people seem to treat public lavatories.

2) I really felt sorry for the bloke standing outside the toilet with his legs crossed and looking as if he was in a state of some desperation. In addition, he missed the announcement about the toilet so he was really struggling when I told him...

Ho hum.