Thursday, 28 June 2007

Refreshing experience..

Today I made my usual trip to Reading on the train. But it was different today. I had the company of Rene and her beautiful daughter Gemma.. And all their bags...

My faith was restored in my fellow commuters when Chris (VISAman) helped me get some of the luggage onto the platform and onto the train as well.

We sat opposite a very nice man on the train who didn't mind a 1 year old sitting there and making faces at him (all cute by the way). When we got to Reading, another chap came along and offered to help get everything onto the platform - a great deal better than the Network Rail chap on the platform who didn't even go and get a trolley for us.. he just asked where we were trying to get to......

All of the above helped me ignore the fact that the train was over ONE WHOLE SODDING HOUR late.

Pic of Gem for cute value:

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