Thursday, 21 June 2007

Learning people's names

I am genuinely suprised and pleased to be able to report that I am now on 1st name terms with the chap who gets on the same train as me - hitherto known as Visa man!

We managed to break down all the norms of commuter etiquette and have a long conversation and introduce ourselves properly. His name is Chris by the way.

The journey home today was punctuated by the smelly youth opposite me nodding off to sleep and nearly falling off his seat. Felt very tempted to give him a little push and then hose him down with Right Guard but felt this might be seen as assault and result in me being thrown off the train by an over-zealous train manageress.

Other news: The blond woman that gets on the train a couple of stops down from me is not blond..... It's growing out.... You've been rumbled.

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