Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Although I've only been catching the 07.18 for a couple of weeks, I have started to get used to the familiar faces that turn up.. And today, there was a new one..

The thing is, I didn't notice his face. What I noticed was the fact that he was wearing a business jacket, shirt, tie, hanky in breast pocket, nice Barker type shoes, socks, holding a brief case.

And then you get to his legs.. He was wearing shorts - nothing that even went with the outfit.. and his legs were shaved... Now, I am prepared to give this chap a bit of credit and assume he had cycled to the station...

It's either that or he likes to dress up at the weekend and call himself Susan.

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NaiT said...

Loving the new blog Hogg (oh aren't I clever? I can rhyme! Soooo clever). xxx