Friday, 22 June 2007

Best Train Manager so far..

Amazingly, the train was on time today.... which is nice.

The journey was further improved by the most cheery "train manager" I've ever heard. He managed to put something called intonation into the otherwise routine and dull announcement. He actually seemed to care. I've nick-named him Ron.

Rest of the journey was uneventful...

On the way home I was sad as I had finished my book, didn't get a chance to buy a paper and the battery in my MP3 player went flat... So I went into the shop on platform 4 at Reading to see the nice Italian lady who should get an award for friendliness. You can imagine my suprise when I found the Italian woman was not there today and had been replace by a woman with a face that makes babies cry. And they didn't sell batteries, newspapers or anything I wanted and they didn't take cards either.

Had to steal a paper on the train on the way home for entertainment and then beat the noisy smelly teenagers on the train to death with it.
Ah, home sweet home.

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NaiT said...

Loving this blog Al!! Keep it up!