Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Commuter gadgets

The world of the modern commuter has indeed changed since my father used to catch the 7.23 train into London. In those days they used to have a newspaper and a little sleep for the journey to work.

I have been trying to sleep on the way to work but have so far failed and I blame it on the modern world (and the annoyingly loud kids who get on the train and Charlbury and get off at Oxford - tomorrow, I promise I will tell them to zip it.... or hit them with my rolled up FT).

So, the standard gadgets in your average commuter / senior exec's bag:

1) Laptop - any will do but be careful about the size. We wouldn't want to take up too much of another commuter's space with something that requires a nuclear power plant to boot up....

2) Personal Phone. So you can give your other half the 8.05am briefing..... yes, got the same train as usual, yes, honey on toast again, yes, getting the 5.37 train home, back at the usual time, yes, I'm still boring, bald and trying to be interesting, yes, yes, yes.

3) Work Phone. "Yah, hi Gerald. On my way in. Yah, be the same time as every other sodding day when I phone you to tell you what time I'll be there. Yah, have a mocca and froth waiting for me - not too hot, not too cold. Yah, get some jammy dodgers in for my 10.30 Tell Suzie I'm on the way and can you call my wife to tell her I'm a plonker. Ok, thanks Gerald. BYE."

4) Blackberry. Oh the curse of the berry. I used to have one of these. Now, I don't and I'm so happy. Email should stay at work. You can spot the poor sods who have them as they're the ones looking really stressed but trying not to be because they control the universe through their berries..... right then...... Do what I do. Get rid of it.

5) MP3 player. I have one of these. Therefore it's cool.

6) Video player / psp / other portable DVD player thing.... Oh come on........ Actually I'd love on of these but it's very poncy....

7) 3g card - for the laptop just in case the phone and the berry are not enough.....

Me? I have a flask of tea, MP3 player, a book and my personal mobile is stuffed safely away in my bag.....

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