Wednesday, 7 May 2008

When trains get lost

I imagine that after a while, one station looks like another to your average train driver. Same features -platform, ticket office (most of the time) etc. etc.
But when you get the feeling that neither the driver or the "train manager" (by the way, which one is the other's boss?) has any idea where they are..
Today the manager announced we were approaching Kingham and that if we wanted to get off, we should be in certain coaches... well actually he said "we are approaching Kinfhsdjkfnsjc bnzx cnzbj scszjnpkzx c" because the tannoy is so knackered or the bloke doesn't know how to use it.
The more experienced of us looked around at the surroundings and decided we had at least another 5 mins until Kingham. Indeed we were right as the train had stopped at a station it has never been to before. You actually need special glasses to be able to see it.. or a Turbo train.
The train moved off 3 mins later in an embarrassed shuffle (can you imagine it... I can).
Finally arrived 10 mins late.


Anonymous said...

Traffic from Swindon a little heavy across Cheltenham, almost 5.30 before I had the kettle on with love the former trainfellow known at Visa man - poorer but happier, you can't beat the garden and a glass of wine thinking of hot tired people on the 17.52

Will said...

I suppose it was Shipton.