Monday, 19 May 2008

To the anonymous responder

I like it when people respond to this blog. It pleases me - even when people have a little go at me.

Someone anonymous responded to me telling me to get a job somewhere else. Sadly the world is not as simple as this and, if given the opportunity I would work within 1/2 a mile of my house. Sadly this is not possible as my skill set is very specific.

So that's why Mr Anonymous.



Anonymous said...

You state the world is not as simple as that, so why dont you just accept that that public transport is un-reliable, just suck it up and get on with it, yes its fustrating when you are late, but its not the staff on the trains fault, remeber that

NaiT said...

My response to Mr 'anon' is simple:

If you find it offensive, don't read it! Close the tab, get off the internet and, dare i say it, get out more. There is far more choice in which blog to read than which job to do.

Andy said...

@Nait - That seems a bit of an over reaction to someone who is responding with the same degree of criticism/anger/annoyance as Train Fellow does...

Isn't it OK for him to post this?

@anon - Seems a bit accepting of mediocrity. The reality is that we can do's just that we don't. The late running of trains isn't the fault of staff but (as a regularl user of Cheltenham - Paddington) there are times when it is clear that the staff really don't care (I know ot is the same in any job).