Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rain at Oxford

As we all know, the weather has been somewhat unpredicatable over the last week or so. This was exemplified by one commuter getting off the train at Oxford today with ear glued to mobile phone and mind / brain clearly in another far more important realm...

He got off, failed to notice it was lashing down and then walked in to a really really deep puddle on the platform... which he failed to notice... for a few seconds at least so engrossed was he...

And then when he did lower himself to this mortal place, he tried to pretend nothing had happened.

But we all knew. All of Oxford knew.

TrainMan has been in touch (see previous posts). It seems his experience of commuting has been a joy! Git.



Anonymous said...

Dear TrainFellow,

Are we a little touchy, eh? Perhaps LWW is getting you down!

You too could travel from Banbury, as Cross Country run down to Reading eg the 07.54 arriving Reading 08.39hrs, or if you are really enthusiastic take the 07.18 arriving Reading 08.13hrs. Try the 06.54 and be at Reading by 07.39hrs beating even the boss into the office!

Good luck and cheer up,


NaiT said...

bless him! *mirth...*