Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The noisy children

I was doing some work this morning on my way to work (taking special care not to be over-looked) and, as we pulled in to Charlbury, the annoying whiney children announced their presence with their inarticulate posturing and general rowdiness.

I don't know about you but when I was at public school, we were expected to be neat, tidy and above all, to be "Ambassadors" for the school. This meant being well turned out and acting in a decorus manner.

(The irony of this is not lost on me - hurrah for the public schools who were not afraid to treat their puplis as free advertising and therefore contributed to the commercialisation of children...)

These children are a mess. Their uniforms are hardly consistent (therefore calling in to doubt whether they are actually uniforms) and often hanging off them in a most loutish manner.

Anyway, I just wish they'd keep it down a bit. I lost my way right in the middle of a quadratic equation and had to start all over again.

Or am I just being an old git.



Anonymous said...

trust me, you are just being an old git!! you are very close to saying, it wouldn't have happened in my day and then you will be able to reach out for the pipe and slippers!! Former Visaman who needs a new name, a guess Chris will do for now..........and when is the leaving party for Robyn and me??!!

Anonymous said...

Stow Fair, I see that the annual event is on Thursday, given that many trainfellows will have to negotiate the traffic, I look forward to the post that talks about "The richness and diversity that travelling and romany people bring to our society" to maintain a bit of balance from those that just think that they cause a jam, Chris

NaiT said...

hmmm old git? Maybe... When I went to common school we got a detention for having one corner of our shirt untucked or for not wearing our blazer whilst walking to and from school if seen by a teacher. So... am I bovvered then chavvy mushta? innit. So common school is safe blud. As you can see, elocution was also high on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

We were expected to be ambassadors for the (private girls')school but the moment we left the gates, the skirts were rolled up, ties discarded and for some, fags put in mouths!!! That was the early 90s too!!
Mrs TF

CharlburyBird said...

No I agree and as a potential customer it completely puts me off sending my kids there.

Anonymous said...

When I walk away from school (totally different one from a different area btw) I never look in a bad state. Shirt always tucked in and tie always done up, unless it is really hot onboard.

Why? I feel pride for my school.