Tuesday, 6 May 2008

If you do that again, I'll.....

Why oh why would you sit on the train and then, when your mobile rings, get up from your seat and walk up and down the carriage talking to your colleague "Martyn" about goodness knows what...

Maybe it's because everyone needs to have the benefit of your conversation. Oh no. We don't.

This man angered me.. I honestly thought he was going to sit in the vestibule area and take his call but instead he walked up and down like a caged lion.

Have you noticed people doing this - I have seen a few - the ones who have a compulsive need to pace up and down when talking on the phone - I've also seen security guards doing it 'cos they think it makes them look important.

Stop it. Sit down. Shut up... or talk quietly. The technology in phones these days really is very good and it makes no difference if you shout or not.



Angry Commuter of Charlbury said...

Clearly the answer.

NaiT said...

the angry commuter of Charlbury is a genius! I totally agree! What numptys, so many 'power callers' about - the type who choose to grace you with "AHHHH MALCOLM REDDINGS OF THE BBC HOW ARE YOU MALCOLM REDDINGS OF THE BBC AND WHAT CAN I, YES I (MEMEME) DO FOR YOU TODAY (as if it is regular) ?"

I would care less than an aging politician if he talking was the sultan of Brunei, why do people think that they are so powerful because they hold a plastic brick in their hand that has just rung with the '24' theme tune. YOU ARE NOT JACK BAUER - the muppets would have been far more apt.