Friday, 16 May 2008

The dreaded "New Timetable Season"

Tall man greeted me this morning (looking tall and very cool in his new pin-stripe, honestly he's such a loser... ) to tell me that there is a new timetable wef. Monday.

Having examined the whole thing, it seems that the one and ONLY change is that my train is now 6 mins earlier with no change in time on arrival at Reading.

So what do I get for this 6 mins wasted in my life. A free croissant maybe? Pay for wasted time? No. Jack All. Nothing.

Per week I will lose 1/2 an hour of my life to this wretched company FGW. Over the course of a year (excluding delays, cancellations, pestilence, famine etc) I will lost something like 20 hours.

FOR NOTHING. No advantage. Not even at work earlier. WHAT ARE THESE IDIOTS DOING?????????

One expects that if your train time is changed you get one of the following:

1) Destination earlier
2) An extra stop
3) A extra service they can fit in somewhere due to the change
4) At least something of value to someone.


All I hope is that the children miss the train and get a later one and then I won't have to listen to their incessant showing off and so on. And I won't have to look at their shabby uniforms.

I saw an ex-Dean Close pupil on the train tonight who was very well behaved. What a refreshing change.



Andy said...

I suggest sending their finance dept an invoice just to see what never know.!

Anonymous said...

if you are so unhappy with losing all this extra time, may I suggest you get a job in chippneham, or catch the bus to reading, see how you manage then, all this moaning just get on with it..............

Anonymous said...

Where's chippneham? Is it close to Baht?!!!!
Perhaps ride a penny farthing to the station....