Tuesday, 20 May 2008

To Mr Anonymous, again

See previous post for Mr Anonymous' previous comment.

Life isn't really simple because sometimes one has to travel to where the work is in order to support family and so on. One therefore makes a decision as to which way to travel. I have chosen the train because, at the moment, it is slightly better than driving. I am actually reconsidering this decision so TrainFellow may become CarFellow...

Reference comments about "accepting public transport is unreliable". Sorry. Can't do that. I've been to France, Germany etc and their systems are a dream compared with our under-invested railway.

I don't blame the staff though... generally. Unless they do something really blameworthy. Like stop at the wrong station.

I do blame middle management though as this is, I'm sure, where most of the dodgy decisions are made.




Anonymous said...

Why does Mr Anonymous (not me, I'm Miss Anonymous!) complain so much about your blog.. If they don't like it, it's simple, they don't have to read it.. No one is forcing them to..

Some people have no choice other than to get FGW to work.. Maybe Mr Anonymous is lucky enough not to have to, or maybe he has all the time in the world to get there.. Some of us are not so lucky as him..

And surely we are allowed to complain from time to time, and surely complaining on this blog is doing no one any harm, and can only make those of us complaining feel a little better?

Anonymous said...

Dear Trainfellow

Well said my boy! Old 'Ano' probably is a LWW plant, if not, he should break cover and 'come clean'

News from Chiltern, I mean Deutche Bahn, is that timetable running seems to have actually improved this season (not like LWW where further minutes to running time keep getting added, year on year, to placate the effects of Network Rail investment failures (yes, I know they make great promises for the future - 'jam tomorrow', but when will tomorrow actually materialise?). Perhaps, at this rate, by 2010 the trians will be timetabled for a 2 hour journey between Kingham and Paddington (about the current average journeytime over the last year, I should think)

Well in addition to an improved timetable at Chiltern (seems to run to time as well), Deutche Bahn have a new service from Marylebone to Wrexham; they just seem so progressive; pity they are not on the Cotswold Line!

NEWS: I know you recently had VisaMan retreating from travelling LWW, to work at Swindon (also seen his taunting remarks about being home late circa 5.30pm, for drinks in the garden etc)

You, I am sure could do without the LWW trip to sunny Reading each day.

Well, despite the excellent Chiltern service from Banbury / Bicester to London, I am pleased to say that I have secured a 'home contract' which means from June I will avoid travelling for most of the week!(just the occassional car journey - ah to regain control!)

So in answer to your correspondent 'Ano' I say humbug to you and your Last Worst Western.