Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Selective Door Opening

Those of us that travel regularly on lines that have stations with short platforms will now be familiar with a new sight on FGW.

Since the new Selective Door Opening mechanism was introduced, the quality of announcements from the "Train Manager" has gone down and we have been greeted by the sight of a harrassed looking shopper or an inattentive commuter having to run fast down the train over the various hurdles left in the aisle in case of such a calamity.

I think they've all made it so far but there is this sense of panic that is transmitted when the person realises that the sadistic "Train Manager" has not opened all the doors because, quite rightly, there is no platform next to some of the train. The panic is not that they will miss their stop and have to get off later.


It's the panic at having to spend another minute on board an FGW train.

Still, my sadistic mind finds it funny until the moment that is happens to me.


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Loxley said...

I think I may have inherited your 'anally retentive' train manager...I've had the misfortune to get the Paddington-Swansea (4.42pm??) the last 2 days and we have had a train manager who makes Marvin teh Paranoid Android seem like he is Mr personailty...! Not only did we get the entire explanation of why unless you are very privileged you can't use first class but we were also told that smoking on board a train is illegal and listening to a personal stereo is illegal...a persnal does that work then...maybe in an emergency when the train carriage is going from 125mph to zero the guy with the iPod (C) listening to Green Day would not realise that there had been an accident and cause problems for other passengers...

Anyway, I'm glad I'm nt on this train the rest of the week as I don't think I could have stopped myself laughing at the poor man....